What the flock?

The name "Flock of Cats" has a long, tiny history. It was the name of our smol World of Warcraft guild on the Burning Legion server from back when the game launched in 2004. The guild consisted primarily of me, my brother, and a couple college friends, as well as a couple random stoner high school kids from Arizona who were much younger than us (I hope you are doing well Fatty and Snarfox!).

We had the domain flockofcats dot com for out guild phpBB, as was the style of the time. (Since then, the domain seems to have been taken over by a right-wing conspiracy theory musician??) And even after we all stopped playing WoW, I found myself using the FoC name because I like cats, it's distinctive, and it is usually not taken.

So, yeah, nothing too crazy, but that's where the name came from. Now I'm using it as my nom de mastodon, and I've used it for this new domain, where I hope I can come up with some longer content than my random mastodon posts.

The name is 19 years old, so it feels appropriate for getting back into the ancient art of blogging.